DecSpec Limited - Customer Responsibility for Wheel Re-Tightening Policy

1. Wheel Re-Tightening Requirement:

  • After the installation of new wheels, wheel nuts, or wheel bolts by DecSpec Limited, customers are responsible for ensuring that the wheel fasteners are re-tightened after driving the vehicle for a distance of 30 to 50 miles (or as advised by DecSpec Limited).

2. Importance of Re-Tightening:

  • Wheel re-tightening is crucial to maintain optimal safety and functionality after wheel installation. It helps prevent potential issues due to settling or adjusting of components.

3. Customer's Role:

  • It is the customer's responsibility to arrange and perform the re-tightening of wheel nuts/bolts within the specified mileage range after the initial installation by DecSpec Limited.

4. Professional Assistance:

  • If customers are unable to perform the re-tightening themselves, it is recommended to seek professional assistance from qualified mechanics or automotive professionals.

5. DecSpec Limited's Advisory:

  • DecSpec Limited strongly advises customers to adhere to this re-tightening requirement to ensure the safety and performance of their vehicle's wheels.

6. Waiver of Responsibility:

  • Failure to re-tighten wheel nuts/bolts within the specified mileage range may result in potential issues or safety hazards. DecSpec Limited is not liable for any damages, accidents, or issues arising from the neglect of this re-tightening responsibility by the customer.

7. Compliance with Manufacturer's Guidelines:

  • Customers should follow manufacturer guidelines and specifications for torque settings and re-tightening procedures for their specific vehicle's wheels.

8. Acknowledgment:

  • By availing DecSpec Limited's mobile mechanic services, customers acknowledge and agree to comply with the terms of this Wheel Re-Tightening Policy.

For any inquiries or clarification regarding wheel re-tightening procedures or responsibilities, please contact DecSpec Limited.

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to vehicle safety and maintenance.