DecSpec Limited - Customer Responsibility Policy

1. Vehicle Accessibility:

  • Customers are responsible for ensuring accessibility to the vehicle at the agreed-upon location and time for scheduled services by DecSpec Limited's mobile mechanic team.

2. Providing Accurate Information:

  • Customers must provide accurate and comprehensive information regarding the vehicle's make, model, year, and specific issues or services required when scheduling appointments with DecSpec Limited.

3. Clear Communication:

  • Clear and open communication with DecSpec Limited regarding any changes, additional issues, or concerns related to the vehicle's condition before or during the service appointment is the responsibility of the customer.

4. Availability during Service:

  • Customers are responsible for being present or making arrangements for a designated representative to be available during the service appointment, if required by DecSpec Limited.

5. Access to Vehicle and Tools:

  • Providing access to the vehicle, required tools, keys, and any necessary documentation for service and repair tasks is the customer's responsibility.

6. Compliance with Recommendations:

  • Customers are encouraged to comply with DecSpec Limited's recommendations for ongoing maintenance, repairs, or parts replacements for the optimal performance of their vehicles.

7. Safe and Suitable Working Environment:

  • Customers are responsible for providing a safe and suitable working environment for DecSpec Limited's mobile mechanic team, ensuring a level and secure surface for vehicle servicing.

8. Timely Payments:

  • Timely payment for services rendered by DecSpec Limited, as per the agreed-upon terms, is the responsibility of the customer.

9. Acknowledgment:

  • By availing DecSpec Limited's mobile mechanic services, customers acknowledge and agree to adhere to the terms outlined in the Customer Responsibility Policy.

For any inquiries or clarification regarding customer responsibilities or service-related concerns, please contact DecSpec Limited.

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to a smooth service experience.